Ideas for Repurposing That White Paper

Once we’ve created a exceptionally targeted lead gen plan for our clients, the next step is typically the creation of thrilling content used to interact centered companies, capture touch statistics for destiny informational use, and offer outstanding information for the sales teams to percentage with their very own rolodex of possibilities. White Papers often fit the want, but it’s what you do with the white paper that supports a excessive impact lead generating project. Before diving in with a whole written draft, write an define and recall how many approaches you’re capable of repurpose the report to extend the shelf existence, in addition to the targeted reach. Use the subsequent thoughts, to show your white papers into paintings-horses for your next lead generation attempt:

1. Blogs

Traditionally a White Paper can be broken into 3-5 sections, every so often extra. This of each section as its own blog. Add a 1 or 2 new resources or stats to provide new content, change the identify up, and also you ought to have no less than 3 new blogs.

2. Slide Share

Not each person likes to study (or has the time) an eight-10-web page file, don’t ignore this target market they’re frequently the decision makers. Create an on line presentation Remember the presentation rule of much less is greater on every slide, upload notes beneath, and upload all of the social media shares.

3. PR Log

Create a one-page summary in a information worth press launch. This is a exceptional useful resource for dispensing to normally social media resources. There’s a loose model which limits the amount of facts you can get right of entry to respective to distribution (you could see range of pick-ups). There’s additionally a couple of different paid versions, so that you can push the press release out to extra resources and offer a deeper study the genuine effect. Have something real newsworthy, improve to PRWire or one of the different press launch distribution portals.

4. Convert to Article

Create an article model of your white paper which captures key statistics and summarizes the paper. Similar to the blogs, add a couple of new links and stats to freshen up the contents with out diluting the important thing message or the white paper. Add a hyperlink to the whole white paper for even extra mileage. Post the item on loose information aggregator web sites. Below are some of my favorites