Get Your Book to Number 1 on Amazon

Considered the Holy Grail of online e book stores, Amazon is simply a pressure to be reckoned with. Most authors dream of watching their book hit #1 on Amazon, but many are not pretty positive what they need to do to make this happen.

Some leave it to hazard. Others mistakenly think sending a message or to their subscribers at the side of a few social media posts will do the trick, whilst others depend upon the vintage model of an Amazon release; get a ton of experts who supply an advantage away and every person promotes the e book on the identical day.

Granted, depending on the size of one’s listing and how responsive it is, you may get first rate consequences through sending your list some email messages complimented by means of a chunk of social media advertising.

In a few cases, the “deliver ’em a ton of bonus gifts” nonetheless works, however nowhere near the manner it used to. Besides, until there is a plan for what takes place after each person blasts out the promo messages, this is NOT a sustainable version.

I’ve been involved in very a success launches, selling lots of copies of books in a few days and I’ve watched launches fall flat with fewer than ten books being offered on “release” day.

In modern-day world of e book marketing, it takes lots extra than a one-day launch to have a a success launch. It additionally takes extra than telling your pals and family to shop for your e-book.

To get the most from your efforts, you need to position effort into the 3 phases of a release.

· Prelaunch
· Launch
· Post release


Prelaunch is exactly like it sounds. You are prepping for the real launch. You need to get your Amazon facts equipped, any incentives you may offer to buyers at some point of a particular time period, your book income page, thank you web page and a chain of follow up messages to build awareness and connection with people who will purchase your e-book. Additionally, you need to plot for interviews, blog posts, guest blogging, and social media advertising.

NOTE: Buyer incentives can be bonuses you provide. With my ultimate e book launch, one bonus become two tickets to a stay event I hosted. Not only did the event refill, I made six figures at the returned quit with the aid of making a sweet offer at the occasion.


Although a release have to be ongoing, it does assist to have a few days in which you are very proactively driving traffic to your ebook sales page. The sales page must let the potential purchaser understand that after they buy your ebook at some stage in a targeted time period, they may receive a couple of brilliant bonus items from you. Notice I stated, “You.”

As previously stated, the days of getting a group of specialists to make a contribution bonus gifts to inspire humans to shop for are lengthy long gone. Sure, it may be particularly effective, however with as overwhelmed and time starved as most of the people are, bonuses for the sake of bonuses aren’t wherein it’s at.